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Merchants Of Moonshine – More Than Whiskey

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To what to attribute Merchants of Moonshine’s quick success depends on who you ask. The fans (a.k.a. Moonshiners) will tell you it is the energetic live show and original songwriting. The band will tell you that it’s probably because they are a group of younger musicians exploring and revitalizing an older style of country. Thus, the music appeals to all ages. The younger crowd is relishing it for the first time as “Nashville”, via pop country radio, has been backing artists that sound more on the rock-n-roll side of country for the past 20 years. The older crowd is embracing M.o.M.’s modern translation of the country they grew up with. Or maybe it’s best described in the two most recurring compliments the band receives: “I ended up here tonight because of___________ (fill in the blank). Country music isn’t my thing, but I love this band!” “I enjoy watching your band because y’all truly enjoy playing music together. We can see it and feel it. Your energy pulls everyone in!”

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Buzz Cason – Surf and Turf

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introducing his latest project, “Surf and Turf,” a hybrid between Americana-style music, country music, and 1960s beach music. The new project features “Sandy,” a hit for Ronny and the Daytonas, a surf/hot-rod music group whose hits included “GTO” as well as “Sandy.” The surf portion of the CD contains songs that are unique in that they focus on the Panhandle region of Fla. where so many Southeasterners vacation. Cason is accompanied on the beach portion of “Surf and Turf,” by dynamic duo Sugarcane Jane — Anthony and Savana Lee Crawford — who recorded the beach songs at their Gulf Coast studio

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Jeff Strahan

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In an apparent attempt to hide any signs of his former career, Jeff Strahan wears his hair so big it makes Lyle Lovett’s former hairdo look like a crew cut. Not that Jeff is ashamed of being a lawyer, but that was his old life. Now he makes music full time, playing all over Texas, with frequent tours to other parts of the United States, combining his stage training from law school with his natural ability to connect with the audience. Throw in a thirst for writing songs that he can play in front of people, a spirituality that has guided him his whole life, and the intelligence to make it all come together, and you’ve got an Americana act that translates around the globe.

CERRITO and Lane Brody

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CERRITO and Lane Brody Hanging Out With Good Company! NASHVILLE, TN – CERRITO and Lane Brody are hanging out with good company on iTunes. CERRITO and Lane Brody’s Fan’s not only kept them at Number 1 with the Country Main Chart on New Music Weekly, but now iTunes has taken notice. Their new release “South of the Border” has been listed on iTunes Country, New and Noteworthy page for 2 weeks straight!

Wanda Jackson – The Party Ain’t Overt

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The Party Ain’t Over was recorded in Nashville at Jack White’s studio, where he brought together a formidable band, including himself, Jack Lawrence (The Dead Weather/Raconteurs), Carl Broemel (My Morning Jacket), Patrick Keeler (Raconteurs), Ashley Monroe, Jackson Smith and Karen Elson, to name a few, and hand picked the songs – 11 tracks dating in origin from the early 1900’s to 2007. The result: a retro modern collection of music that showcases Wanda, now in her seventh decade and sounding as charismatic as ever.

Tia McGraff

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Diversity my most diverse album to date… The last couple of years have led me to different places emotionally. There are adult contemporary songs with full string arrangements to our Native American contemporary folk song. Musicians from Nashville, to Los Angeles to Canada including Six Nation Indian Reserve have contributed to this new collection of songs. Take the journey with me!

-Tia McGraff