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For Immediate Release: Bill Wence Promotions is Presenting Sponsor of the 2018 FAR-West Official Showcases.

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Folk Alliance Region-West (FAR-West)
FAR-West is very pleased to announce the Presenting Sponsor of the Official Showcases at the 2018 conference, which will take place October 11 to 14 at the Warner Center Marriott in Woodland Hills, CA.

Bill Wence has been an attendee and sponsor at FAR-West conferences in prior years, making our region his chosen home.  We have always appreciated his knowledge, good humor and generosity.  This year, Bill Wence Promotions has elected to take the role of Presenting Sponsor of the Official Showcase stage through a very generous donation.  Bill has supported artists all around the country, through radio promotion, picking, writing and singing for all of his life.  He began in California in the late 1950s and expanded to the Northwest and Alaska before finding even greater success in Nashville.

As a songwriter and artist Bill has charted over a dozen songs on the Billboard charts through the years. He is a founding member of Americana Music Association, a lifetime member of the Country Music Association  and the Musicians Local #257, as well as a member of ACM and Folk Alliance International.  (

We were thrilled to welcome him back “home” when he first attended a FAR-West Conference and again when he made us his primary regional affiliation. We are now very grateful to receive another round of his ever growing support in 2018.

We encourage all attendees to seek him out at the forthcoming conference, enjoy his companionship, stories and much more.  We are all blessed to have his accomplished, generous and ever optimistic presence as part of the FAR-West family.

Thank you to Bill Wence Promotions – Presenting Sponsor of the 2018 FAR-West Official Showcases.


Carrington MacDuffie

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Carrington MacDuffie is not your typical Americana singer/songwriter. She is an award-winning voice actor, a spoken word performer, and a widely published poet; her music embodies a passion for language and sound, shaped by her carefree spirit and the richness of her alto voice. While comparisons have been made to Americana folk singer/songwriters, such as Neko Case, Patty Griffin, and Lucinda Williams, and her live performance has been described as “alt cabaret” and compared to Nina Hagen and Laurie Anderson, perhaps best grasped MacDuffie’s lighthearted warmth and infectious charm when they described her as a “female Jimmy Buffet.”

Her latest release CRUSH ON YOU out in February 2016, is a collection of five original songs about the independent spirit of love crossed with longing, that MacDuffie herself refers to as electronic folk. There is a playfulness and sensitivity to her work, and the tunes are both catchy and deep. MacDuffie has merged her Americana folk singer/songwriter sound with an ’80s rock twist for an eclectic, retro sound. The tracks range from the powerful title track “Crush on You,” to the meditative “I Call You” with its steadily rolling drums, to the sweet melody of the ballad “Precious Kisses,” the dynamic lullaby “Sweet Pea,” and is rounded out by an anthemic ode to the musician’s instrument, “My Little Guitar”. Her vocal clarity and expressive range, her creative use of lyrics, and her signature background vocal styling ensure her unique voice will be heard in not only the Americana singer/songwriter scene, but in other genres as well.

CRUSH ON YOU was produced in Austin, Texas, by Rob Halverson, who has produced and performed with an impressive roster of legendary Austin performers. Halversonics Recording has played host to a bevy of award-winning artists. On the CRUSH ON YOU EP Halverson (synthesizers, bass, piano, vibes, percussion, guitars) is joined by renowned drummer/percussionist Dony Wynn, who has long been appreciated for his work with Robert Palmer, Dr. John, Patti LaBelle, Brooks and Dunn, and Robert Plant. Paul Klemperer steps in on baritone sax, and Carrington croons, whispers, and belts out her vocals and plays acoustic and electric ukuleles and piano. CRUSH ON YOU was mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering, Portland, Oregon.album_cover.jpg

John McDonough

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John McDonough is a singer/songwriter from Austin, Texas whose shows span five decades of hits combined with unique originals. John’s acoustic guitar work, passionate vocals, and personal lyrics result in a modern singer/songwriter/pop sound rarely heard. John has spent the last 20 years playing in and around Austin while co-producing and self-releasing five CDs of original music. He has played to the rowdy crowds of 6th street, the dinner crowds of Austin restaurants, and everything in-between. Four years ago he decided to retire from practicing psychotherapy and focus solely on music. In that time he has written and recorded two new CDs, played over 200 gigs, performed in six major music festivals as a solo artist, and three times appeared and performed on local radio. He has drawn comparisons to Elton John and Harry Chapin for his vocal style/abilities while Austin radio host Stephen Rice has compared John’s emotional storytelling to the songwriting styles of James Blunt and Damien Rice.

So much more about John:

Chuck Johnson & Charlyhorse

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Chuck Johnson & Charlyhorse is what Americana Music has always striven to be. A group of outstanding musicians and modern day troubadours who weave tales of small southern towns and hell-fire preachers, shuttered cotton mills and down home philosophers. The music of Chuck Johnson and Charlyhorse is firmly anchored in the Americana roots tradition. Influences from Rock, Country, Bluegrass, R&B and Soul, gives each tune its own unique feel. Onstage, the upshot is compelling, soulful performances. The Band’s performances are salted with wry humor, and the band camaraderie always invites the audience into the act. Chuck Johnson & Charlyhorse is truly an American band tailored made for Americana Roots Music.


Sandy Carroll – Last Southern Belle

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A late blooming coming of age record, Carroll stares down ghosts of the past that got shuffled off to the side when living life without having time to reflect on it. Coming of age in the old south as revolution was sweeping through the air, Carroll is questioning now what she might have then, except now she has the luxury of sympathetic all-stars backing her up in fine fashion. Proud of the successful miles she’s put under her belt, Carroll puts the last Lego of the mosaic into place with a mature statement that you don’t have to be a southerner to get. If you were to take this as nothing more than the kind of album Lucinda Williams has gotten away from making and should return to, it would be a win right there. Hot stuff throughout. –Chris Spector, Midwest Review, Jan 2016, Chicago, IL

Bianca De Leon

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Born in South Texas, Bianca DeLeon is combination of an American Gypsy, Texas Troubador and Singer-Songwriter. She has lived the life that she writes about, and has worn many hats in places in the World along her journey of musical discovery and poetry. In all of her CD’s, she features the best musicians that Austin, Texas has to offer and continues to grow in her craft. Her fourth album features a photo of her standing in front of a Dutch club’s chalkboard that reads de Texaanse Troubadour Bianca DeLeon. That’s because she’s much better known in Europe than in Texas. DeLeon is rooted in and lives in two different worlds, the Texas-Mexico borderlands in which she was born and raised, and which, in my experience, few Anglos seem to be able to write about convincingly, and the national and international singer-songwriter venue circuit. She’s a bit different from your average troubadour. How many of them could write “I Sang Patsy Cline (The Night Noriega Fell)”, or “Date Got Shot”?

Get to know Bianca

For The Sender – Love Letters from Vietnam

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A cardboard box with the words Love Letters from Vietnam etched on the lid holds the soldier’s scrawled thoughts, written on weathered Air Force stationery. These letters sent from the sergeant to his young wife in east Texas wait buried in a closet for years before a fateful, deadly winter night leads the soldier’s daughter, Jennifer, to open the box, read the letters, and answer her father back in time. She tucks her letters into a package with no address, because she no longer knows where to send them. Until she is sitting in a theater in Austin, Texas, at a performance by singer-songwriter Alex Woodard and hears him talk about writing songs inspired by letters. Her remarkable correspondence with her father takes Woodard on his first steps into the dichotomy between dark and light, as he imagines himself as Sergeant Fuller in Vietnam and begins to write songs sung from Fuller’s heart. Alex’s quest to learn more about the man and the war he fights both in Vietnam and back at home evolves into an extraordinary journey, propelled by an album included with the book that features Woodard as Sergeant Fuller and his friend Molly Jenson as Jennifer. Their voices carry the songs inspired by these beautiful, raw, revealing love letters not only sent from Vietnam, but as the story unfolds, beyond.

The Jason Lee McKinney Band

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Jason Lee McKinney is a two time nationally signed recording artist, powerhouse vocalist, and songwriter. McKinney blends a snarling musical underbelly full of equal parts trained prowess and an almost out of control piss and vinegar attitude; soaring sing along hook melodies, with lyrics that are raw and raucous, reflective and radiant; simultaneously weaving a narrative that is both uniquely his and everyman’s story.

He is an intellectual troubadour who writes and sings from the depths of an earthy soul; all with a business resume that would match most C level executives. McKinney holds a Doctorate, an MBA, and BA in Management. McKinney’s dissertation is a comparative study of downscoped specialization versus centralized diversification as organizational strategies in the transforming recording business.

McKinney’s live shows are fast paced, dynamic events that leave audiences exhausted, yet longing for more. His smooth and charming stage presence aligns himself as one of the guys, without losing the distant aloof rock star vibe. McKinney commands the stage, every night a night to remember for everyone, in every town, on every stage he plays. McKinney says, “I perform all out, every night, because all we ever have is tonight. That one night, on that one stage may be the only shared experience I get with a particular audience member, and I will give everything I have to make sure they remember that night for as long as they live.”

Nouveaux Honkies

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For many touring bands, the road is their home away from home, an ever-rolling muse that runs beneath their tires and works its way into every aspect of their lives, including their songwriting. For hard- traveling Americana duo The Nouveaux Honkies, the road is literally their home, as the two live out of a creatively rebuilt RV that they use to tour throughout the year in the American South. Rolling along in their high tech, solar powered, self-sufficient chariot, equipped with its own espresso bar, mini studio, and more comforts than most studio apartments in NYC, Tim O’Donnell and Rebecca Dawkins worked out a great formula to tie their travels to their music. They set up in a key American city for a couple months at a time, soaking up inspiration and making friends, before moving on. In this way, their new album Blues For Country, draws its sounds from the musical influences of New Orleans, Nashville, Florida, Austin, and the Texas hill country where they recorded it. “As far as genres are concerned, I don’t think it is an intentional thing for us to be bouncing around the map,” confesses Tim O’Donnell, The Nouveaux Honkies’ songwriter and lead singer. “It is just my personality. I love lots of stuff. To me there is good music and bad music and I really have no formula on what it is. I just know when I like it. Jimmy Webb, Jimmy Reed, and Jimi Hendrix all give me this crazy feeling when I listen to them.” With all these regional flavors, it’s no wonder The Nouveaux Honkies’ music jumps so easily and happily between genres, mixing up a bubbling Americana gumbo of blues, country, roots, R&B, Texas swing, honky-tonk and old-fashioned songwriting. – See more at:

David Starr

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With Arkansas roots and Colorado wings, David Starr has been making music since the age of 10. He is an Americana singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer with hundreds of live shows and five solo CD’s under his belt.
His latest CD, Love And Sabotage, is a 15-song collection that features original compositions, co-writer collaborations and two covers. The new release also showcases Starr’s many influences ranging from Southern California country rock to Delta blues to folk. The songs were recorded in several studios with the help of session veterans from Nashville, Denver and Aspen.