For Immediate Release: Bill Wence Promotions is Presenting Sponsor of the 2018 FAR-West Official Showcases.

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Folk Alliance Region-West (FAR-West)
FAR-West is very pleased to announce the Presenting Sponsor of the Official Showcases at the 2018 conference, which will take place October 11 to 14 at the Warner Center Marriott in Woodland Hills, CA.

Bill Wence has been an attendee and sponsor at FAR-West conferences in prior years, making our region his chosen home.  We have always appreciated his knowledge, good humor and generosity.  This year, Bill Wence Promotions has elected to take the role of Presenting Sponsor of the Official Showcase stage through a very generous donation.  Bill has supported artists all around the country, through radio promotion, picking, writing and singing for all of his life.  He began in California in the late 1950s and expanded to the Northwest and Alaska before finding even greater success in Nashville.

As a songwriter and artist Bill has charted over a dozen songs on the Billboard charts through the years. He is a founding member of Americana Music Association, a lifetime member of the Country Music Association  and the Musicians Local #257, as well as a member of ACM and Folk Alliance International.  (

We were thrilled to welcome him back “home” when he first attended a FAR-West Conference and again when he made us his primary regional affiliation. We are now very grateful to receive another round of his ever growing support in 2018.

We encourage all attendees to seek him out at the forthcoming conference, enjoy his companionship, stories and much more.  We are all blessed to have his accomplished, generous and ever optimistic presence as part of the FAR-West family.

Thank you to Bill Wence Promotions – Presenting Sponsor of the 2018 FAR-West Official Showcases.


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