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the Royal Dominos “Dead Mother’s Club”

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FRONTCOVER_DMCThe Royal Dominos explode on the scene with violins, guitars, drums, and even saxophones. But it is the songs themselves that stand out…each a gem.


Ward Davis “15 Years in a 10 Year Town”

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download (33)download (32)download (31)Ward Davis’ first Full Length Album, “15 Years in a 10-Year Town,” features 9 brand new original recordings, including 8 self-penned songs and the Ed Bruce classic, “Old Wore Out Cowboys,” a collaboration with Willie Nelson and Jamey Johnson.

From the heart and hands of singer, songwriter Ward Davis, “15 Years in a 10 Year Town” is a gritty compilation of Americana music that tells a story of redemption. The album takes a step away from the Nashville “Bro Country” culture and gets back to the traditional American music roots. The captivating acoustic experience embraces the mistakes of the past, questions the soul, and finds salvation in love.

Loose Hinges

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Doctor G and the mudcats

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doctorgandthemudcats1Bluesy Texas honky tonk and the swampy rhythms and rhymes of the Mississippi River meet here to create a soulful testimony to the “real deal”songwriting nurtured by the late Kent Finlay at Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos, TX.

Blue Water Highway Band

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Blue Water Highway Band’s Things We Carry effortlessly backs elegant wordplay (“Hard Time Train”) with energetic melodies (“Medicine Man”). Sharp songwriting guides the entire journey (“Highway to Glory”). Songs stick. They resonate. Listen closely. You’ll hear. “These songs show how we deal with struggles and joys,” frontman Zack Kibodeaux says, “and they deal with everything from heavy topics like depression from the loss of a child to the highs and lows of romantic relationships.” Chief songwriters Greg Essington and Zack Kibodeaux, who raised funds for the record through a hometown Gulf Coast concert, fuel complex harmonies with operatic elegance. Results are stunning. Folks notice. “Zack Kibodeaux and Greg Essington of the Blue Water Highway Band are some of the best vocalists I’ve heard in a long time,” says pioneering singer-songwriter Terri Hendrix. “Their delivery, timing, lyrics, and harmonies and overall musicianship make them the real deal. On top of it all, they are good guys and true professionals. Simply put, I was blown away with their live show.” Legendary multi-instrumentalist and producer Lloyd Maines echoes the sentiment: “The Blue Water Highway Band is the best new band that I’ve heard in years. Their vocals are spot on and their writing is smart and thoughtful. They’re very serious and impressive musicians’’ Remember those words: smart and thoughtful. The current Kyle, Texas residents prove over (“The Running”) and again (“John Henry”) they’re seamless narrative storytellers. The pair frequently double down on the ancient American tradition of giving a voice to the struggles and triumphs of the people they love in a partnership that began simply enough: by swapping songs and discovering a singular style. “People say we have a sonic landscape like a Depression-era radio being played on a Brazos River steamboat. I’d liken it to the strange effect of a bluesy, soul-infused Hank Williams time traveling and stealing a Ryan Adams cover of a Guy Clark song about the Gulf Coast,” Essington says. Accordingly, the songs themselves span broad landscapes. “ ‘The Running’ is an underdog story from three perspectives about how one deals with working hard for something and not making it,” Kibodeaux explains. “And ‘John Henry’ is our take on the classic underdog folk tale. “The title track sort of ties the album together. It tells the story of an encounter with a muse-like character (an old-time movie star) who uses the phrase ‘’things we carry’’ with a bit of a twist, as if to say we are carrying each other along, helping each other with our problems.’’

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Jack Tempchin

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Jack Tempchin is a product of a time when songs were expected to tell stories, and the songwriters who were masters of storytelling were sought after as aggressively as any first-round quarterback. Tempchin’s tunes have taken root in so many minds, and have lifted so many hearts in the decades since he wrote “Peaceful Easy Feeling,” and “Already Gone” for the Eagles. The prolific songwriter’s music continues to fill arenas and sell millions and millions of albums for others. It’s been all about the songs, not the man. Despite the fact that Tempchin performed his music to audiences around the world for years, and despite the fact that he’d written hits for (or with) musical luminaries like Emmylou Harris, Glen Campbell, Tanya Tucker, Tom Rush, George Jones, and Tom Waits, the limelight has always been elusive for Tempchin—as have record deals. (more…)

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Fernando Noronha & Black Soul

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The Flatland Tourist

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Hailing from Union County, NC the band was recently founded in 2013. Offering Southern roots going back many years and many bands, their years of rock and roll eventually came together to culminate with one epic band. Anchored in a collective past that goes much deeper into the well, songs like Cross-eyed and Crazy, I Met Elvis at the Fast Fare and No Work, No Pay bring fans back time and again, yearning for more of their live show. No explanation needed; the words tell it all and you can feel the vibes. Billy Bost, Rachel Garcia, Frank Sutton, Joe Williams and Kevin Winchester make up this band called Flatland Tourists. Their individual talents meld together to create original Americana music featuring influences full of soul, bluegrass, plenty of jam and of course rock – showcasing ability on all levels. Playing at venues in and around Charlotte, such as The Evening Muse, Double Door Inn, Pucketts Farm Equipment and Southsiders; the crowd of fans take away a unique experience similarly to a first time vacation…in a new town…with new people…kind of like tourists. And, after all, aren’t we all “tourists” of some sorts anyway? Go hear the Flatland Tourists. We’re pretty sure you’ll be back for more.

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John Aulabaugh

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Who is John Aulabaugh?

John Aulabaugh is an atypical newcomer into the world of alt-country rock and roll. He has more of the prodigal son than the prodigy in him. He is a businessman, a philanthropist, a father, a husband, a mentor…and music is the common thread woven throughout the many roles he occupies.

John is a man with a mission and a cause, to not only entertain but also leverage the healing power of music. After a life time of witnessing the destructive toll of drug and alcohol abuse on friends and family, John decided to move away from his role as businessman, to focus on his philanthropic efforts and his long-lost passion for music – ultimately combining the two. Not only is he a dedicated musician, but he’s also a writer with a forthcoming multi-media project that will involve an album, a companion book, and a tour that will benefit John’s charitable efforts.

Who is John Aulabaugh? His story begins in the Land of Lincoln, near the Indiana border. John’s father taught music and literature at Eastern Illinois University, and his mother was an opera singer. John’s early life was both blessed and touched by tragedy, as he lost two of his brothers while growing up. He picked up a guitar, handed down from his brothers, as an adolescent and learned to play along with his sibling’s Hendrix, Credence, and Frampton records. He put himself through school gigging 5 nights a week in his band The Vigilantes, and then hung up his ax to embark

Miss Marcy & Her Texas SugarDaddy’s

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She ain’t no schooled musician with a fancy degree. Miss Marcy is a Bar Singer. She graduated from University of North Texas with a degree in English Literature and since then has been hanging out in bars and playing music with Dallas’ finest musicians. Miss Marcy has been working the Dallas/ Ft. Worth entertainment circuit regularly for several years now. Her musical passion resides with Blues and traditional Jazz. Miss Marcy’s musical style is derived from the Divas from the first part of the 20th century including Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, Big Mama Thorton , and the like. In her live show, she rarely does popular standards and instead selects songs that were considered by 20’s and 30’s audiences to be too suggestive for radio or too racial. She has always enjoyed the music of that era and tries to re-create the sound as it would have been. Miss Marcy is proud to be releasing her first CD all original music on CSP Records. Miss Marcy has been a guest on KNON 89.3fm. She has been interviewed by several local publications (Southwest Blues Magazine, The Advocate, Dallas Observer), has been recognized by the International Songwriting Contest 2006, 12 Times Voted “What To Do” by Dallas Morning News and Dallas Observer, respectively. She wrote the music and starred in a documentary entitled “Whiskey and Cigarettes”. Most recently: 2013 Dallas Observer Top Ten Blues Artist and 2013 Dallas Observer “Best of” Blues. Nominated by Dallas Observer for a second time 2014 as Best Blues Band!! Nominated AGAIN by Dallas A List 2013 & 2014

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