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Home is Where the Heart is. the debut single from the stunning new album “MAKE HAY” by Arizona-based singer-songwriter-guitar-slinger, JADI NORRIS is, according to IGO Records President, Kacey Jones, “a smokin’, up-tempo well-crafted song performed by a superb country singer with a 4-octave range.” Jones signed Jadi (pronounced JD) and his indie record label, Jumpin’ Armadillo, to a national distribution deal upon hearing the album.


Darryl Holter’s

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Darryl Holter’s new album takes us back to the exciting “West Bank” music scene in Minneapolis in the 1960s and 1970s which spawned artists like Bob Dylan, Dave Ray, John Koerner, and Bonnie Raitt. His original songs, artfully crafted around catchy melodies and lyrics, reinterpret an important episode in American music

Green Whiskey

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Green Whiskey puts strong emphasis on song-writing, overall sound, and genuine heartfelt live performances. They are straight ahead, rootsy Americana.

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The Rock/ Americana Band, Coaltrain originally hails from Wheeling, West Virginia, released their first single ‘If You Wanna Get to Heaven’, in 2006 and went to #85 on The Music Row Charts. Coaltrain has since released their brand new EP titled ‘How I Roll’ on their own label, ‘Slippy Fist’ .. It has already received rave reviews and continues to build momentum for the group.

Kayte Strong

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Kayte Strong has had great responses and comments to this Americana/Light Rock flavored work. “Where has this girl been?” Take a trip into the unknown with Kayte, it won’t be that way for long. This girl deserves to be heard.

Red Meat

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Red Meat’s raucous new live album with 26 tracks, recorded at the Cinema Bar in Los Angeles, Southern California’s smallest and most devoted country music venue.

Brittney Reed

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Brittney Reed
At just 16, she has started a career that includes vocals, acoustic guitar and writing songs. Since the age of 12 Brittney has written over 100 of her own songs. Her lyrics are inspired by her life, the life of her friends and the many people she has met and continues to meet.

Check her out!


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DO YOUR DAMN JOB off her latest album “You’re Country Now”
Industry Reviews of You’re Country Now “…Outstanding vocals…Inimitable Style.” – Lucky Boyd Co-Founder of My Texas Music “You’re Country Now” is a terrific album from the talented Jessica Shepherd…This album is for all Country music fans that enjoy a fresh and innovating classical approach to the genre and features a talented female vocalist…” – Radio Indy.

Tia McGraff

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Diversity my most diverse album to date… The last couple of years have led me to different places emotionally. There are adult contemporary songs with full string arrangements to our Native American contemporary folk song. Musicians from Nashville, to Los Angeles to Canada including Six Nation Indian Reserve have contributed to this new collection of songs. Take the journey with me!

-Tia McGraff